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A Girl’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

With so many beauty products out there, it is hard to find the ones that help you go green. Women, don’t worry. I have created a guide to the most green beauty products on the market to help you stay both beautiful and eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

  • Dr. Bronner’s Organic Castile Liquid Soap, 16oz, $8.49 at I like Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap because it is made simply, organically, and a little goes a long way. In fact, the bottle recommends that the user dilute it three to four times for maximum efficiency.

This increases the eco-friendliness of the product because the user does not have to buy more plastic bottles of soap. Though I use it as a body wash, you can use it for anything including mouthwash. The peppermint version smells the best, and tea tree oil works as a natural antiseptic and works well to combat body and facial acne.

  • Coconut Foot Crème, Burt’s Bees, $9.00. This lotion is the best I have found for tired and cracked feet, and it just happens to be eco-friendly. Since it is made of coconut oil and not petroleum, it is much more eco-friendly. It also just contains natural botanicals and water as its other ingredients, so that adds to is green profile.

Finally, the tube itself is recyclable.

  • J/A/S/O/N Shampoo, about $8, natural food stores and online . It is really difficult to find eco-friendly shampoos on the market because most of them employ synthetic oils to impact the hair. That extra processing that synthetic ingredients need makes it less eco-friendly because it requires more raw ingredients and energy for processing.

This shampoo makes use of plant based ingredients, instead. It is biodegradable and smells nice as well.

  • Carol’s Daughter Candy Paint Lip Gloss, $13, Most lipsticks and lip glosses are made with petroleum-based products, so it is difficult to find one that imparts both color and shine but is also eco-friendly. The Candy Paint Lip Gloss does just that.

Almost all shades are free of synthetic dyes and fragrances, which reduces the product’s earth impact. Users also remark that this product lasts a long time on the list, meaning you don’t need to replace it as quickly and use more resources and packaging.

  • Hemp Body Butter, $20, The Body Shop. This is a product that is made with both cocoa butter, a natural and environmentally-friendly moisturizer, and hemp oil from the hemp plant. Hemp requires fewer fertilizers and fewer soil resources to grow, so it is more environmentally friendly than other ingredients.

This product is also green because it does not use synthetic products or petroleum.

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Scott Kessman’s “What You Need to Know Before Getting a CAT Scan” and Midwestgirl’s “Dolphin-Assisted Therapy: Can Dolphins Make You Healthy?”

In his recent article “What You Need to Know Before Getting a CAT Scan,” AC content producer Scott Kessman provides a clear, well written explanation of what a patient will experience while undergoing a Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) scan.

CAT Scan

Medical tests and procedures are hardly fun, and the anxiety that a lot of patients feel before having a new health care experience can be as or more troublesome than the visit itself.

For many of these patients, however, much of the trepidation they feel can be eased if they know what they’re in for before showing up and putting their scribble on the sign in sheet.

In my opinion, articles like Scott’s are valuable assets to the writing community, and they go a long way to provide those patients who feel more comfortable facing new experiences when they are properly informed with the information they need to achieve that comfort level.

His article is a clear, well written, informative description of what the process of having a CAT scan will entail, what the patient can expect to experience before during and after the scan, and a little basic information about the scan itself.

No stranger to the topic of Health and Wellness, Scott has written articles on a variety of topics helpful to the health conscious reader. Check out his take on the health benefits of herbal teas, or read about the claims that consuming a bowl of Miso Soup a day can help to reduce the risk of cancer.

AC content producer Midwestgirl discusses the DAT program in which children with mental and physical disabilities, as well as terminal illnesses, are brought to participating marine parks to spent time swimming with dolphins in aquatic tanks.

It is believed that there is some healing and restorative value to these dolphin swims, and that there have been studies conducted that show promising results.

I thought Midwest girl’s article was a very interesting and nicely written piece, and described a fascinating topic.

The use of dolphins, long known to possess superior intellect and high capacity for empathy with other species, for the improvement of the wellness of sick and disables children was a new topic to me, and I enjoyed reading about it. You may want to give it a read too.

Midwestgirl has also contributed widely to the topic of Health and Wellness. Some of her other articles published here on Associated Content include looks at magnet therapy and reflexology, and discussions about angina, anxiety disorders, anorexia nervosa, and endometriosis.

She has also written about ways to effectively reduce the amount of money patients spend on health care costs and about the power of prayer to heal. You may want to take a look at some of her other articles.

Whether you’re looking for specific information about health concerns or for some ideas about preventative medicine and healthy living, it’s been and interesting week for submissions to the Health and Wellness section of Associated Content.

I look forward to the opportunity to spotlight more interesting and informative submissions from AC’s content producers in the weeks to come.

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Home Remedies to Cure Baby’s Diaper Rash

Your baby’s bottom is enclosed in an almost air-tight, warm, moist, dark environment 24/7. Add too that the chemicals in disposable diapers and wipes used on baby’s bottom and what comes out of baby. Diaper rash is going to happen.

Diaper Rash

Commercial remedies on the market sometimes only make the diaper rash worsen since they do contain chemicals. Try some home remedies that are natural to cure diaper rash before you reach for a commercial diaper rash product.

The first home remedy to cure diaper rash is try to determine the cause of the diaper rash and eliminate it at it’s source.

Diarrhea is an obvious cause of diaper rash, but other culprits contributing to diaper rash could be the brand of disposable diapers you use, the wipes, the bath soap, and even the diaper rash ointment. If you use cloth diapers, the laundry detergent you or the diaper service is using can be a contributing factor in causing diaper rash.


The source of the diaper rash

If you don’t eliminate the source of the diaper rash, it will continue to return to give the baby grief. Diaper rash can range from mild, with only a red irritation, all the way to severe diaper rash that includes redness, blisters and bleeding when the diaper is changed.

While you are trying to determine the irritating source of the diaper rash, here are some simple home remedies to cure diaper rash and give your baby a happy, healthy bottom again.

  1. Pat your baby’s bottom with a wash cloth that has only been wet with water to remove urine or fecal matter, then wet a wash cloth with milk and pat on baby’s bottom. Milk has natural anti-inflammatory properties that will help promote healing of the inflamed diaper rash area.
  2. Let your baby ‘air out’ by leaving the diaper off. Yes, baby will make a mess, but air and natural light will help promote healing and cure diaper rash.
  3. At bath time, put 1/4 cup of baking soda in the baby’s bath water and let his bottom soak. Baking soda naturally soothes the skin, makes baby’s bottom feel better and helps cure diaper rash.
  4. After bathing, gently pat baby’s bottom dry with a soft towel, grab the hair dryer and set it on the lowest setting and finish drying baby’s bottom. Use the hair dryer at each diaper change until the daiper rash is cured. Most babies love the feel of the warm air.


Before diapering baby, apply a generous amount of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to the diaper rash area. Vaseline soothes the skin, promotes healing and provides a protective barrier between the baby’s skin and what comes out of baby.

Some parents don’t like to use Vaseline, if you’re one of them, try extra virgin olive oil, which also promotes healing and forms a protective barrier to help cure diaper rash.

A parent quite often has to discern what caused the diaper rash and what works best on their baby’s bottom to cure diaper rash through trial and error.

Try one home remedy through a couple of diaper changes, if you see no visible improvement in the diaper rash, try another home remedy until you find what works to cure diaper rash on your baby.

Coping with a Parent Who Has Dementia

Taking care of a parent who has dementia can be stressful and difficult. It’s important for anyone’s overall well being to not neglect the self in the process.

Coping with a Parent Who Has Dementia

To help understand what type of impact a parent who has dementia can have on an adult child and how someone can cope with a parent who has dementia, I have interviewed therapist Deborah Goldyne.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

“I am a Marriage and Family Therapist with an MA in psychology from Argosy University. I have a private practice, with an office in Sonoma and an office in Kentfield, California. I work with individuals of all ages, as well as with couples and families, to offer support in dealing with life’s challenges.

One of my areas of specialization is working with families with aging parents or relatives. I have led groups for adult children, spouses or other relatives, and have worked with family members individually or together. I have also worked with elders themselves.

My inspiration for this particular focus came, in part, from dealing with members of my own family who suffered from dementia.”

What type of impact can a parent who has adult dementia have on an adult child?

“When a parent develops dementia the lifetime roles reverse, and the parent gradually becomes the child. This shift can evoke a lot conflicting feelings in an adult child. Often an adult child will feel terribly sad, and fearful of losing a life-long support and guide.

At the same time, it is also common to feel impatient, resentful and burdened. Watching a parent “slip away” into dementia can be like witnessing a progressive death. Increasingly, to quote the writer Gertrude Stein, “there is no there, there.”

Coming to terms with the experience of a parent who is living, but not alive is a very difficult task indeed.

What are some things someone can do to cope with a parent who has dementia?

“In order to be able to care for someone else it is essential, as we are told on an airplane, to “put your own mask on first.” On an emotional level, this means doing your best to be patient and to have empathy, but not to “beat yourself up” for feeling angry or intolerant.

As a parent or relative becomes increasingly difficult, demanding or diminished, it is not uncommon even to wish for their demise.

Just as it is important to have empathy for a parent, it is equally important to have empathy for yourself, and to allow yourself the range of feelings which inevitably arise under these challenging and painful circumstances.”

“From a practical perspective, if you are a primary caregiver for your parent, seek assistance so you are not carrying the full burden. Even if your role is less fully hands-on, try to find a balance you can live with, sharing responsibility with others as much as possible.”

What type of professional help is available for someone who has a parent with dementia?

“Again I would divide my response between the pragmatic and the emotional. On a practical level, choosing whether to care for a parent at home or to consider an elder care community is a major decision.

To aid in this process, there are books available including: Caring for your Parents; The Complete AARP Guide. There are also people called “Elder-Care Managers” who can help guide you through the process.”

“Emotionally, I would strongly recommend a support group if one is available. The feedback I have received from participants in the groups I have led has been that it is very helpful to share experiences as well as ideas and coping strategies with others in your situation.

Above all, it is comforting and reassuring to know that you are not alone in these challenges. It is also an opportunity to validate the spectrum of feelings that arise. If no group is available, you may want to find an individual therapist to support you and help you maintain some perspective.”

What last advice would you like to give someone who has a parent with dementia?

“To put it in a nutshell, allow yourself all the feelings that come up without judging yourself harshly. Accompanying our parents through this final chapter can offer a unique opportunity for acceptance and sometimes for exceptional intimacy.

In some situations it gives us a chance to “rewrite the story,” in others to reinforce it. In any case, it calls upon us to try to imbue the experience with as much dignity, empathy and generosity as we possibly can.”

Thank you Deborah for doing the interview on how someone can cope with a parent who has dementia. For more on Deborah Goldyne or her work you can check out her website on

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Fred is Out, is Rudy Next?

Fred Thompson has finally figured out what many of us have known for quite some time. It is time to throw in the towel and head back to Hollywood. It is actually with a little sadness that we must bid farewell to the former Senator’s bid for the Republican nomination.

Fred is Out, is Rudy Next

In the beginning of Fred Thompson’s campaign I was really hopeful, as well as many others, that he would give a new life to a Republican field that was sadly lacking any vibrancy. Unfortunately, many were disappointed by Thompson’s poor performance in the early debates.

Thompson left many with the impression that he did not really care if he was nominated and perhaps that was his strategy all along. However, if that is the case, then perhaps he played it too far. Nevertheless, he did seem to be getting better in the debates while trading barbs with Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani.

It is likely that Thompson decided to call it quits because he was performing very badly in the primaries. Thompson’s poll numbers had been steadily dropping and he soon found himself rating lower than Ron Paul, which seems to be some sort of measurement for the Republicans.

If the Nevada Primary is any indication, then perhaps Rudy Giuliani will be the next candidate to drop out of the race. Giuliani’s poll numbers are even worse than Thompson’s and it seems that his campaign is done. The only thing that is missing is Rudy’s concession.

It is nice to see the field starting to narrow and it may be easier to determine just who might be the candidate nominated by the Party.

The race now seems to be between Mike Huckabee and John McCain, but Mitt Romney is still in there fighting and it seems to be too close to call. I must say that I believe it will still be Hillary Clinton versus Rudy Giuliani in the Presidential election.

However, barring any miracles that might bring the Giuliani campaign back to life, my prediction may be wrong. Nevertheless, I will stand by it and if I am wrong, I will be grateful.

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Do You Get Bored of Exercising?

There are many people out there who need a kick to get back into their workout routine. They are probably not motivated or they don’t see the results from their workouts. This article will give you some tips to help you keep motivated and be enthusiastic about working out.

Do You Get Bored of Exercising

If you have the money you should hire a personal trainer even if it is for a few weeks. You will learn a lot from the trainer, as he/she will be able to show you how to target certain areas of your body to improve them.

Your trainer will also be able to show you the latest exercise routines and how to perform them properly.

You have to get out of your comfort zone when you are working out. The reason you won’t be seeing any results of your work out is because your body has gotten used to them. Therefore you will have to shock your body by aiming different muscle areas or increasing the intensity of your exercises.

The important factor here is to get out of your comfort zone by challenging yourself and pushing your body harder.

When you have decided to workout, make sure that you choose something that you enjoy. There are a variety of activities to choose from like running, swimming, kick boxing and cycling.

If you choose something that you enjoy doing, you are more likely to stick to doing that daily and you will also perform better. You don’t have to join a gym to get a good workout, just try a new activity.

Studies have shown that doing short, high intensity workouts followed by slow endurance workouts burns more calories so that you lose more fat. If you do this you won’t get bored either.

It is quite easy to do these types of exercises on a treadmill, where you can run for a length of time and then walk for a while.

Another way you can motivate yourself is by playing upbeat music. If you are already not listening to music when you exercise then strap on your iPod and load it up with songs that are upbeat in order to motivate yourself.

This way you are distracting yourself with music, and your workout won’t seem like a lot of work.

If there is nice weather outside, try exercising outdoors on the patio or a nearby park. You can go for a long run, or cycling in the park instead of being inside on a stationary bike or treadmill. This way you can enjoy the view as well.

If you want to keep yourself motivated you will have to set up a goal chart for yourself and plan what steps you need to take in order to reach your fitness goal. It is easy to motivate yourself if your goal is written down and in front of you.

You can also try a new fitness class at your gym. There are many gyms that offer free classes. The advantage of this is that you are with an instructor who will show you ways of doing different exercises. You should also try different routines in order not to get bored.

You can try a different exercise equipment that works the same part of the body.

Exercises can sometimes become boring so try working out with a friend because they provide you with company and it pushes you harder as well. There it can be beneficial for you if you have a friend exercising with you.

It does not matter what workout you decide to do as long as you keep it interesting and fun. By doing this you will keep yourself motivated to keep exercising.

Walk Away the Pounds: Can One Really Lose Weight by Walking to a Video?

A few days ago, I was at Ross and I saw a video on sale for only three dollars! It was Walking Away the Pounds! I had been looking for a way to work out without too much impact. I thought it would be a mild workout and that it would simply help me to be a little healthier.

Walk Away the Pounds: Can One Really Lose Weight by Walking to a Video

I was wrong! Walking Away the Pounds is a serious work out!

First of all, walking in place builds the muscle around the hip bone. That muscle of mine had not been worked since I was a kid in gymnastics. Boy did I feel the burn there! If you use the ab band that you can buy separately, you will seriously get a great work out in your abdomen.

My abs, after only a few weeks, are more defined and I am, overall, in much better shape.

More muscles that get worked are your guards and your buttox muscles. The video includes leg lifts, squats, and calf raises while walking! It is simply amazing. I found that if you use two-pound weights, the arm raises are more effective. My body has been transformed into a fat burning machine!

As for the video itself, I absolutely love it! “The walkers” are happy to be there. They are all so fit and energetic. That really gives the video an easy to watch sort of feel. I feel pumped and excited to work out when I flip on the dvd! They are so encouraging as well.

For those interested in a low impact version, they have two “walkers” who do not use weights or the belt. They do not work out as intensely and you can follow their lead instead of the other more high impact “walkers”. Another option is to choose a less intense walk. There are three walks per video.

The first is one mile, then two miles, and finally, the last walk is three miles. Each walk gets more intense. The one-mile workout is only fifteen minutes. It is low impact and does not get too heavily involved in the leg lifts, squats, weights, etc.

The three-mile workout, however, is more intense and utilizes all available resources for the most intense work out possible through a walking program.

Click here to find the best devices for health.

Basically, this program works! It is suitable for all ages and body types. Whether you are just starting out or simply want a workout at home, these videos are an incredible way to feel great and look great!

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