A few days ago, I was at Ross and I saw a video on sale for only three dollars! It was Walking Away the Pounds! I had been looking for a way to work out without too much impact. I thought it would be a mild workout and that it would simply help me to be a little healthier.

Walk Away the Pounds: Can One Really Lose Weight by Walking to a Video

I was wrong! Walking Away the Pounds is a serious work out!

First of all, walking in place builds the muscle around the hip bone. That muscle of mine had not been worked since I was a kid in gymnastics. Boy did I feel the burn there! If you use the ab band that you can buy separately, you will seriously get a great work out in your abdomen.

My abs, after only a few weeks, are more defined and I am, overall, in much better shape.

More muscles that get worked are your guards and your buttox muscles. The video includes leg lifts, squats, and calf raises while walking! It is simply amazing. I found that if you use two-pound weights, the arm raises are more effective. My body has been transformed into a fat burning machine!

As for the video itself, I absolutely love it! “The walkers” are happy to be there. They are all so fit and energetic. That really gives the video an easy to watch sort of feel. I feel pumped and excited to work out when I flip on the dvd! They are so encouraging as well.

For¬†those interested in a low impact version, they have two “walkers” who do not use weights or the belt. They do not work out as intensely and you can follow their lead instead of the other more high impact “walkers”. Another option is to choose a less intense walk. There are three walks per video.

The first is one mile, then two miles, and finally, the last walk is three miles. Each walk gets more intense. The one-mile workout is only fifteen minutes. It is low impact and does not get too heavily involved in the leg lifts, squats, weights, etc.

The three-mile workout, however, is more intense and utilizes all available resources for the most intense work out possible through a walking program.

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Basically, this program works! It is suitable for all ages and body types. Whether you are just starting out or simply want a workout at home, these videos are an incredible way to feel great and look great!

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