Are you looking for a simple way to burn calories more easily? What if there was a way to burn off 120 more calories each day without vigorous exercise? According to a recent study, the best way to do this may be to turn off the television set.

Want to Burn Calories More Easily

Burn More Calories: Cut Off the T.V

In a recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers looked at how television viewing affected calorie burn and weight in 38 adults who watched television regularly – an average of five hours a day.

Half of the group was instructed to cut their television viewing by half for a period of three weeks. During this time their activity levels were closely monitored using armband monitors.

The results? The group that cut their television watching by half burned calories more easily. In fact, they burned 120 more calories per day than the control group. They also experienced a greater reduction in their BMI or body mass index.

The researchers were quick to point out that this additional energy expenditure is equivalent to walking about a mile per day. Burning an additional 120 calories a day would result in the loss of twelve pound in a year without any change in diet. Not a bad deal!

People Who Shun Television Burn Calories More Easily

Other studies have shown a similar correlation between television viewing and weight loss. People who stay away from the tube naturally burn calories more easily because they’re not spending less time sitting and less time snacking on T.V. snacks that are usually calorie dense.

Studies have shown that people who lose weight are more likely to keep it off if they spend less time in front of the television set.

Ever notice how most of the food commercials on television show unhealthy food? Some studies show that this also influences a person’s food choices which can also contribute to television related weight gain. To burn calories more easily, it may be best to limit television watching.

Burn Calories More Easily: The Bottom Line

If you want to burn more calories without joining a gym, start gradually cutting back on television time with the goal of cutting it in half. For even more benefits, replace one television show each week with a thirty minute walk.

When walking, pop some headphones into your ears and listen to an audiobook or your favorite music. You’ll soon find that you don’t even miss your favorite television shows.

A food processor willĀ help you to cook healthier dishes.