Your baby’s bottom is enclosed in an almost air-tight, warm, moist, dark environment 24/7. Add too that the chemicals in disposable diapers and wipes used on baby’s bottom and what comes out of baby. Diaper rash is going to happen.

Diaper Rash

Commercial remedies on the market sometimes only make the diaper rash worsen since they do contain chemicals. Try some home remedies that are natural to cure diaper rash before you reach for a commercial diaper rash product.

The first home remedy to cure diaper rash is try to determine the cause of the diaper rash and eliminate it at it’s source.

Diarrhea is an obvious cause of diaper rash, but other culprits contributing to diaper rash could be the brand of disposable diapers you use, the wipes, the bath soap, and even the diaper rash ointment. If you use cloth diapers, the laundry detergent you or the diaper service is using can be a contributing factor in causing diaper rash.


The source of the diaper rash

If you don’t eliminate the source of the diaper rash, it will continue to return to give the baby grief. Diaper rash can range from mild, with only a red irritation, all the way to severe diaper rash that includes redness, blisters and bleeding when the diaper is changed.

While you are trying to determine the irritating source of the diaper rash, here are some simple home remedies to cure diaper rash and give your baby a happy, healthy bottom again.

  1. Pat your baby’s bottom with a wash cloth that has only been wet with water to remove urine or fecal matter, then wet a wash cloth with milk and pat on baby’s bottom. Milk has natural anti-inflammatory properties that will help promote healing of the inflamed diaper rash area.
  2. Let your baby ‘air out’ by leaving the diaper off. Yes, baby will make a mess, but air and natural light will help promote healing and cure diaper rash.
  3. At bath time, put 1/4 cup of baking soda in the baby’s bath water and let his bottom soak. Baking soda naturally soothes the skin, makes baby’s bottom feel better and helps cure diaper rash.
  4. After bathing, gently pat baby’s bottom dry with a soft towel, grab the hair dryer and set it on the lowest setting and finish drying baby’s bottom. Use the hair dryer at each diaper change until the daiper rash is cured. Most babies love the feel of the warm air.


Before diapering baby, apply a generous amount of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to the diaper rash area. Vaseline soothes the skin, promotes healing and provides a protective barrier between the baby’s skin and what comes out of baby.

Some parents don’t like to use Vaseline, if you’re one of them, try extra virgin olive oil, which also promotes healing and forms a protective barrier to help cure diaper rash.

A parent quite often has to discern what caused the diaper rash and what works best on their baby’s bottom to cure diaper rash through trial and error.

Try one home remedy through a couple of diaper changes, if you see no visible improvement in the diaper rash, try another home remedy until you find what works to cure diaper rash on your baby.